Gastric Balloon: A Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure.

The gastric balloon is an extremely safe balloon-imgintervention with a quick recovery that works best for people who are in the early stages of the obesity disease.   We use an endoscope (flexible tube with a light and a TV camera) to guide the balloon into the stomach.  In the stomach, the balloon is inflated with medical saline fluid until there is very little free space in your stomach.  There are no incisions for the gastric balloon.   The procedure is done under IV anesthesia and most patients go home less than an hour after the placement procedure.

With little free space in the stomach, it’s easy to become full with small amounts of food. Patients report that they also have much less appetite between meals.gastric-violet

The balloon must be removed after 6 months, so our practice works intensively with balloon patients to get the most possible weight loss while the balloon is in place and also for at least 6 months after the balloon is removed.

The gastric balloon became available in the U.S. in December 2015. Unfortunately there is no insurance coverage for the gastric balloon, but our practice can get you connected with financing assistance.

Patient Testimonials

  • Excellent
    Doctor and staff are all excellent and communicate well with you through the process. -Lisa P. 7/13/16
  • Best Decision
    This decision I made was the best ever. A lot of people may not understand what it's like to be obese and they seem to judge you. I wouldn't change any of this for a split second. My doctor is awesome, the hospital nurses were great, and my nurse practitioner is the best. She gives me so much confidence in myself, every time I visit. -Belinda M. 7/7/16
  • Dr. G and His Staff are Amazing
    Dr. Gonzalez and his staff are amazing! -Diane T. 6/22/16
  • Off All Of My Meds
    I am active now, can even jog. Am currently off all of my meds. Sleep like a newborn and full of energy. I would definitely recommend weight loss surgery to anyone in need of it. Confidence booster a plus. And the staff here is amazing. -Lisa G. 6/8/16
  • My Life Has Changed
    My life has changed - I can breathe, I can wear what I want, I can walk with confidence into any place with anyone and feel fantastic about myself. thanks! Dr. Pilcher is an exceptional doc! He seems genuinely concerned and connected to his patients. The staff - and I mean everyone - are very professional and pleasant to me on every visit. TCMSWL has a GREAT team. Thanks for a great experience. -Tammy F. 4/27/16
  • A Life-Changing Experience
    A life changing experience. Great customer service. Empathetic staff. Dr. Gonzalez is the best. -Kevin K. 4/28/16