Gastric Balloon: A Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure.

The gastric balloon is an extremely safe balloon-imgintervention with a quick recovery that works best for people who are in the early stages of the obesity disease.   We use an endoscope (flexible tube with a light and a TV camera) to guide the balloon into the stomach.  In the stomach, the balloon is inflated with medical saline fluid until there is very little free space in your stomach.  There are no incisions for the gastric balloon.   The procedure is done under IV anesthesia and most patients go home less than an hour after the placement procedure.

With little free space in the stomach, it’s easy to become full with small amounts of food. Patients report that they also have much less appetite between meals.gastric-violet

The balloon must be removed after 6 months, so our practice works intensively with balloon patients to get the most possible weight loss while the balloon is in place and also for at least 6 months after the balloon is removed.

The gastric balloon became available in the U.S. in December 2015. Unfortunately there is no insurance coverage for the gastric balloon, but our practice can get you connected with financing assistance.

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